The Importance Of Photographs In Life

The Importance Of Photographs In Life

The Importance Of Photographs In Life

Photography was once a formal and scheduled affair showcasing posed, sombre faces and deemed to be expensive given the camera, film and developing costs. Nevertheless, people still took whatever opportunity they could to take a picture, driven by the desire to capture a moment. Today, when taking a snapshot is now as simple as taking out our smartphones, photographs are just as important because of the meaning and value they give to whatever aspect of our lives.

Photography continues to have prominence in the visual space and an ongoing impact on us. Here is an overview of why we think photographs play an essential part in our lives:

1. Photographs tell us what is important to us.
Photographs have the power to preserve our most precious moments and celebrations of birth and birthdays, marriages and anniversaries and many more. These captured moments help us to remember our personal stories and serve as a timeline of our lives filled with faces and places that we love.

2. Photographs are part of our legacy.
Many of us are not aware of how fast time goes by especially in our increasingly busy lives. Freezing moments and taking photos of our lives in that moment, give us the capacity to hang on to them a little longer. Photo albums, even though mostly in digital form nowadays, can still help us remember how we felt and how our smiles spread across our faces when we would hold those prints in our hands or stare at the pictures on our screens.

3. Photographs are used to tell a story.
Photographs have a great impact on our desires to share what we find beautiful and interesting with other people. Captured moments is a perfect way to transport others to a different time and place by showing them stories they want to hear through a series of images. Photographs can be a very powerful tool in sharing our personal, passionate and sometimes quirky take on the world around us.

4. Photographs have the power to move us.
Photographs can make us feel something, grab our attention and speak directly to our emotions. Snapshots evoke nostalgia and make us ask ourselves what is it about that moment that moved us enough to capture it? Photographs serve as documentaries that preserve those moments so that it can live and move us forever.

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